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Firefighter Rescue Using a F.E.P.S. (FF Extraction Pulley System)

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23:12 - Firefighter Rescue: Using a F.E.P.S. (FF Extraction Pulley System)
Загружено 21 января 2015
This video will discuss and demonstrate the use of a F.E.P.S. (Firefighter Extraction Pulley System). We placed the first version of this piece of equipment into service back in 1994 to supplement our RIT operations. Through the years I refined the system to what you will see in the video. The F.E.P.S. is intended as a backup (or option) to a traditional ladder rescue or "Denver Drill" - It's simply a 2-1 mechanical advantage haul system on a change of direction pulley. The system is designed to lighten

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